UP SLIS offers Master in Archives and Records Management


UPSLIS is proud to announce its new graduate program, the Master in Archives and Records Management (MARM), commencing Academic Year 2022-2023. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the MARM is a 34-unit, two-year graduate program that provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work in and develop archives, special collections, record centers, and other memory and collecting institutions.

This program addresses the need for formal education on archives and recordkeeping in the region necessary to support and document critical organizational decisions and activities that will help ensure efficiency, transparency, and accountability in both public and private sectors, and to help preserve and promote our cultural heritage, collective memory, and identity. The program addresses these needs by providing students with strong theoretical and practical foundations and experience on the effective, efficient, and ethical management of records and archival materials. 

The practical and theoretical engagements to be provided by the program will prepare the students and future archives and records professionals to be historically and culturally conscious and reflective, while further enriching their experience with information for civic engagement and participatory governance. Thus, the MARM program balances the pragmatic and business aspects of records management, and the historical and cultural dimensions of archives.

Check out the Study With Us section of our website for the details and FAQs of the program.

Published:  2022-03-10 07:53:11