SLIS celebrate 62 Years


We are ecstatic to commemorate the 62nd Anniversary of the UP School of Library and Information Studies!

In 1961, the UP Board of Regents approved the establishment of the then-named Institute of Library Science as a degree-granting institution of the university, resulting in the revival of library education which was stopped during the Japanese occupation in World War II.

Over the years, our faculty and students have shaped the future of information studies by adapting to the ever-evolving demands of our information-driven society. We have been at the forefront of LIS education, research, and knowledge dissemination, nurturing a community of Filipino information professionals that are prepared to tackle present and future challenges presented by a rapidly evolving information landscape.

Let us continue to explore new frontiers and venture into contemporary spaces of information studies!

Published:  2023-07-01 13:35:39