Celebrating 107 Years of Library Education in the Philippines and Southeast Asia


UP SLIS is proud to celebrate 107 years of library education in the Philippines.

During the 100th meeting on March 18, 1914, the UP Board of Regent "unanimously approved the establishment in the University of a special course of study for library training and the appointment of Dr. James A. Robertson as lecturer in Library Science". This would lead to the first Library Science class in Southeast Asia meeting on July 13, 1914 at the Filipiniana Division of the Philippine Library, with ten enrolled students.

Today, UP SLIS continues the legacy of Dr. James A. Robertson, Ms. Mary Polk, Ms. Syrena McKee, Ms. Blanche Shelp, Mrs. Emma O. Elmer, and the other pioneers of library education in the region as we push the boundaries of information science and library practice.

Published:  2022-03-10 07:22:50