Supporting Archives, Archivists, and Communities

UPSLIS ARM faculty and students have been sharing their knowledge and experiences throughout the month at various conferences.

Asst. Prof. Jonathan Isip at the International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress

Asst. Prof. Jonathan Isip represented UPSLIS at the 2023 ICA Congress in Abu Dhabi from 09-13 October 2023. They presented a paper entitled Finding the "I" in National: Exploring the role of Southeast Asian National Archives in cultivating identities and promoting human rights. The paper explored gaps in the mandates of national archives in the region and called for legislation to support community-centric and social justice driven archival work. 

Photograph courtesy of Zoe Dickinson

Asst. Prof. Isip was also in the Congress in their capacity as a member of the International Council on Archives Programme Commission (PCOM) and as Chair of the Training Programme Advisory Group. They delivered a report on the ICA Training Programme alongside ICA Training Programme Manager Margaret Crocket, and facilitated a workshop on exploring the use of interactive learning objects.

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Pimphot Seelakate

MARM students and faculty present at 7th National Archives Congress

Students from the first cohort of the Master in Archives and Records Management (MARM) program showcased their papers at the Student Research Colloquium of the 7th National Archives Congress organised by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts National Committee on Archives (NCCA NCA), the UP Library Science Alumni Association (UPLSAA), the University of the Philippines School of Library and Information Studies (UPSLIS), and the Society of Filipino Archivists (SFA), held in Manila from 19-20 October 2023.

UP SLIS MARM students and faculty at the National Archives Congress

Recent BLIS summa cum laude graduate Joseph Icaonapo and Ms. Maria Sofia Amparo Santiago-Jimenez presented a paper entitled The Worker as an Archivist: Documenting the Philippine Labor Movement Through a Community Archive where they discussed their work to support and document the Philippine labour movement through community-based participatory archiving.

Photograph by Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

MARM student and DOST librarian Irene Alis-Brillo explored Institutional Archiving and Its Potential in Building Collective Memory as she discussed memory making in an institutional setting.

Photograph by Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

Julie Ann Nealega, head of Probe Archives and MARM student, discussed the increasingly urgent need to preserve audiovisual heritage in her paper entitled Probe Archives: The Starting Point of a Sustainable Reactivation of Audiovisual Heritage.

Photograph by Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

MARM student and independent consultant Maria Ana Gabriela Lising presented a paper on Archiving the Struggle for Philippine Art: Women As Memory-Keepers of Philippine Art in the Post-War Years where she examined the positionality of the women that made their name in the local art community and surfaced gaps in the archival narrative(s).

Photograph by Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

Q&A for the student research papers. Photograph by Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

Dr. Francis M. Navarro, Director of the Ateneo de Manila University Archives and part-time MARM faculty in UPSLIS, spoke on balancing accessibility with safeguarding privacy in his talk Ethics, and Accountability: Management of Archives and Records Centers.

Photograph by the UPLSAA

Assoc. Prof. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab, PhD discussed the development of the MARM program and the challenges of archival education in her presentation Shaping the Future of Archiving and Recordkeeping in the Philippines: The Development of MARM program of UP SLIS

Photograph by Asst. Prof. Rhea Rowena U. Apolinario

Asst. Prof. Jonathan Isip called for local collaboration and encouraged archivists to pursue formal education in their lecture on Uncovering the bits: Digital Preservation in the Philippines.

Photograph by the UPLSAA

The NAC would also not have been possible without the assistance of other SLIS faculty members. Asst. Prof. Elijah Dar Juan served as master of ceremonies for the first day of the congress, while Asst. Prof. Janny Surmeida provided technical support throughout the event. Dean Rhea Rowena U. Apolinario provided the synthesis for Day 2.

Dean Rhea Rowena U. Apolinario ends NAC Day 2 with a synthesis. Photograph by Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

Asst. Prof. Elijah Dar Juan hosts NAC Day 1. Photograph by the UPLSAA.

UPSLIS faculty at the National Archives Congress

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Asst. Prof. Benedict Salazar Bono Olgado celebrates World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

Asst. Prof. Benedict Salazar Bono Olgado, in his role as the Documentalist of HURIDOCS, participated in a webinar organised by the International Council on Archives Photographic and Audiovisual Archives Working Group (ICA-PAAG) to celebrate the 2023 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on 26/27 October 2023.

Alongside Maria Mingo from Mnemonic and Yvonne Ng from WITNESS, Asst. Prof. Olgado discussed approaches, tools, and issues with preserving audiovisual archives to support human rights and social justice, and accountability.

UNESCO declared 27 October as the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in 2005 to raise public awareness of the need to preserve audiovisual heritage, to highlight AV heritage in danger, and to highlight the accessibility of AV archives. HURIDOCS is a multinational NGO that provides advice and develops tools to support human rights groups to gather, organise and use information to create positive change in the world. 

Published:  2023-10-28 07:13:06