2024 Graduate Research Colloquium

Congratulations to the presenters and thank you to everyone that attended the 2024 SLIS Graduate Research Colloquium!

The Colloquium started with presentations from the LIS 299 Research Methodology course under Asst. Prof. Johann Frederick Cabbab. Under this course, students survey information theories, frameworks, models, and research methods for exploring the link among information, people, and technology.

Feil Dianne Alvaro discussed "Usapang Bakuna": A Study of Mangyan Information Experiences with Vaccines, while Anne Frances Calceta reflected on her Thoughts When the Tower Falls: Exploring the Information Experience of Introspective Tarot Reading. Frances Riscel Padin explored The Urban Digital Divide and Access Challenges: Experiences of Brgy Camputhaw, Cebu City Residents while Nicole Zulueta examined The Role of Library Orientation in FAITH Colleges Students' Navigation of the Multiversity Library.

The next set of presenters came from LIS 300, the graduate Thesis course. These graduating students presented the preliminary results of their research, with the goal of improving their analysis by integrating public comments.

Aris Gragasin presented What's in the News: Analysis of Newspaper Archives Collection Development Policies of Selected Academic Libraries and Archives in Metro Manila. Dridge Paul Reyes discussed Exploring Academic Librarian Faculty Status: Philippine Landscape and Organizational Perspectives towards a Competency Framework. Dianne Bumatang explored an indegenous ritual in Adalen ya Banulen nan Nainsigudan ay Kaugalian: Capturing a Once-in-a-Decade Social Practice through Experiences. Jasmine James Cortez examined Personal Archives: Exploring Ordinary Individuals’ Archiving Practices and Motivation. Pauline Espiritu investigated Perceptions of International School Librarians on School Library Guidelines and Standards: Implications to International School Libraries. These students will be defending their thesis this week so wish them luck!

After lunch, students from LIS 298 Advanced Topics in Data and Information Ethics under Asst. Prof. Kathleen Lourdes B. Obille and Atty. Senando Angelo Santiago presented research that utilised data to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Alizsa Lynn Franco & Gay Marie Saavedra looked into Crafting Creativity: Empowering Art and Design SHS Students with Resources and Opportunities. Martin Julius Perez, John Justin Mesias & Aizobelle Fernan studied Cracking the Code: A Study on Structural and Accelerated Factors Driving Success in PISA across Nations with Strategic Insights for the Philippines. Dan Anthony Dorado & Jonathan Isip navigated Osmotic Borders: A Study of Inequalities in International Migration. Sylvan Dan Moldes & Kevin Cuevas examined Athletic Inequalities and Success Factors: A Natural Language Processing and Text Network Analysis on Wikipedia Pages of Filipino Athletes. Michelle Arispe & David Omila investigated Developing An Application for Automating Tasks to Reduce Carbon Footprint and E-Waste: An Exploration of Data Ethics and Governance in Artificial Intelligence. Janny Surmieda and Alexander Balatibat inquired into Exploring the Education Landscape of the Philippines.

Students from the LIS 272 Seminar on Information Literacy course under Asst. Prof. Yhna Therese P. Santos then showcased their class research through posters.

Ma. Feil Dianne Alvaro showcased Conspiracy Theories Unveiled: The Power of Information Literacy. Anne Frances Calceta reflected on Swipe Left on Lies: How Information Literacy May Help Online Daters Become More Resilient to Deception. Frances Riscel Padin explored Gen Z’s Consumption of Short-Form Content and Its Implications on Opinion Formation. Nicole Zulueta examined The Significance of Faculty-Librarian Collaboration in Information Literacy Instruction.

Finally, but certainly not least, were the first graduating students of the Master in Archives and Records Management (MARM) program. These students presented their capstone projects and research work for public scrutiny.

Julie Ann Nealega discussed The Development of an Audiovisual Archiving Starter Kit for Organizations with Inaccessible Magnetic Tape Collections. Dave Benedict Badiola presented A Bibliometric Study of Language Siloing in Archival Literature. Irene Alis-Brillo tackled the Development of a Collections Strategy for the Prospective DOST-STII Archives.

UPSLIS is delighted to have students at the forefront of information studies research in the Philippines. This July, the School will be celebrating 63 years as a distinct degree-granting unit of the University of the Philippines Diliman. Stay tuned for updates on our Anniversary events!

Published:  2024-06-26 02:06:39