2023 Maureen Henninger Graduate Scholarship Grant

The Maureen Henninger Graduate Scholarship Grant (MHGSG or the Grant) was established through the generosity of Prof. Maureen Henninger, Visiting Professor of the UP School of Library and Information Studies (UP SLIS) and a Visiting Fellow of the School of Communication, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia. 

The MHGSG is given to support the education of future leaders in the information studies field. The Grant provides financial support (stipends and book allowances) for qualified graduate students enrolled in the UP SLIS.


Each academic year, the MHGSG is offered to newly accepted student/s (subject to availability of funds) who intend to pursue full-time studies1 in any UP SLIS graduate program (MLIS, MSLIS, MARM). The grantee will be selected from the pool of applicants based on their academic merits and research/project plan. The MHGSG will be awarded to subsidize the grantees expenses per semester for a maximum of two (2) academic years. 

Grantee Benefits

The MHGSG is valued at PhP 12,000 per semester for up to a total of PhP 48,000.00 for the entire duration of the Grant. The maximum period of Grant support for an individual graduate student is four semesters. It will not cover the Midyear Term and residence for purposes other than writing or completing the students thesis, special problem, or capstone project.

Requirements for Application

An interested student must submit the prescribed application form for the MHGSG (https://bit.ly/MHGSG2023), including the expressed intent to follow the Program of Study (POS) for a full-time student.

Terms of Grant (Requirements for Retention)

The MHGSG is released on a per-semester basis. It shall be retained provided that the grantee satisfies the following conditions:

  • Must follow the prescribed program of study OR be enrolled in at least nine (9) units for every semester within the duration of the grant award
  • Must have obtained a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 1.75 with no grade of 5.00, 4.00, or INC for every semester of enrollment
  • Must meet the retention requirements of the degree program they are in
  • Must not have been held liable in any disciplinary action in the University
  • Must participate in the academic activities of UP SLIS, as required by the Dean

If a scholar fails to meet any of the above conditions, the scholarship award shall be ipso facto terminated, except for heavily justifiable reason/s, subject to deliberation and approval of the Committee.A full-time student is required to enroll in at least nine (9) credit units per semester.

Application Timeline

06-20 October 2023Application Period

27 October 2023Notice of Award

Inquiries about the MHGSG should be directed to the Office of the College Secretary at colsec.slis.updiliman@up.edu.ph

1 A full-time student is required to enroll in at least nine (9) credit units per semester.

Published:  2023-10-06 07:12:12