2018 Remarks from the Graduates: Quiella Aranza Landicho

<p><img src="images/articles/2018/quiela01.jpg" alt="" width="400" height="300" align="left" hspace="10" vspace="10" />To our respected recognition speaker, Dr. Diljit Singh; our beloved Dean, Professor Kathleen Lourdes Obille; our dear College Secretary, Professor Benedict Olgado; our distinguished professors, UP SLIS staff, alumni, families, friends, and fellow graduates, good afternoon!<br /> <br />One of the things I love here in UP Diliman is walking along the Academic Oval. I do not know for you, but for me, it always gives me a sense of peace and joy. Just looking at the people hanging out at the Sunken Garden; the students walking from classes to classes; the trees, halls, joggers, bikers, vendors, and IKOT jeepneys; it gives me a sense of comfort and delight. But as I walked along the Academic Oval last Sunday after the review, everything just seemed to evoke nostalgic and heartwarming memories of my college days. It may be due to the upcoming graduation that’s why I was feeling sentimental – because I know in myself that I have long waited for this day.<br /> <br />Back in high school, it never occurred to me that I’d be graduating here in UP. I was not an UPCAT passer. Yet I think I was destined to be here. I can still remember how early my <em>tita</em> and I traveled from Santa Cruz, Laguna to pass the requirements needed for transferring to one of the Universities in Manila. However, the guard won’t let us in because of a school event. I then called my mother and told her that we’ll probably just go home. But my mother told me “<em>Bakit hindi mo subukan sa UP? May dala ka na rin namang requirements</em>.� I was very fortunate to make it on time. I filled up the forms and passed it to the OUR during the last day of the application period for transferees.<br /> <br />For four long years, I studied hard to get good grades. Some people might look at me as a grade-conscious student. Some people might think of me as someone who’d always do well in class. But for me, I’ve always looked at myself as a daughter who just wants to give back to her parents.<br /> <br />My mother has been away from me for more than a decade. And in those years, I think I’ve only been with her four times. <em>Apat na beses.  At kung makakauwi naman si mama, maswerte nang makasama namin sya kahit isang linggo, katulad na lang ngayon.</em> She was not even permitted to go home here in the Philippines during my high school graduation. I remember her listening to my high school valedictory speech via phone call. It sucked. <em>Mararamdaman mo na lang na parang walang halaga lahat ng pinaghirapan mo kasi wala naman dito yung taong pinag-aalayan mo. Pero kahit malungkot, tumuloy pa rin ako kasi para sa kanya pa rin naman iyon. Nandito man o wala, laging parang sa kanya ang tagumpay ko. </em>So when I was given the opportunity to speak here today, even when I am not confident and I feel unworthy, I grabbed the chance. I grabbed the chance because I want her to listen to my speech again, this time, personally.<br /> <br />Also, there’s my father whom I barely see at home. <em>Ang papa ko ay kundoktor ng bus. Aalis siya ng bahay nang 2 AM at babalik sa madaling araw pagkatapos ng sunod-sunod na biyahe papuntang Pasay City at pabalik. Bagama’t malimit kaming magkasama, alam ko na si papa ang number one supporter ko.</em> He’d always say out loud of how he is so proud of me. He was even planning to show the Recognition Rites program booklet to his friends and relatives, and to make a tarpaulin just for me. How can I disappoint them?<br /> <br />My journey towards this day was full of anxiety and self-doubt.<em> Iba na pagsapit ng madaling araw. Hindi malaman kung papaano makakatapos ng isang makabuluhang sanaysay. Minsan maiiyak ka na lang kasi pakiramdam mo wala ng pag-asa. Pagkatapos susubukan mong humanap inspirasyon mula sa iyong pamilyang nasa malayo. Mag-iisip. Bubuntong hininga. Ilalabas lahat ng takot at kaba.</em> That is how I managed to be greater than my troubles. I have my failures as my strength and my family as my inspiration.<br /> <br /><img src="images/articles/2018/quiela02.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="400" align="right" hspace="10" vspace="10" />I believe we all have different inspirations. We all fought our own battles. But there’s one thing we all shared and experienced together – <em>ang minamahal nating Unibersidad ng Pilipinas.</em> Who would forget our own version of Hunger Games during enrolment season? And with trembling knees, I will never forget how exhausting it is to go up to the third floor of the Main Library. I was always out of breath every time I see the original Oble. And who would forget the ninja moves in CASAA? I hope no one. The same as we won’t forget how the Shopping Center has become a haven for us, students. Let us recall those dreaded days of LIS 61 and 62. More so, let us not forget how happy we were when we were able to bind books during our practicum at the University Archives. I swear I could never forget the smell of the glue! Out of desperation, we have shared several memes on Facebook and Twitter just to pass the semester. We have also experienced cutting classes just to finish a paper or a project for the next class. And of course, we would not forget those days we spent on revising our manuscripts for LIS 199 and 200.<br /> <br />We all have experienced hardships. Some even almost quit. But no matter how many times we shouted “<em>Ayoko na</em>�, we still persevered for our families and fellow Filipinos, for honor and excellence. Because this is what UP taught us – to never give up. <em>Tinuruan tayo ng Unibersidad na ‘wag sumuko sa anumang hamon ng buhay, na lumaban palagi nang may dangal at husay umabot man ng lima, anim o higit pang taon. </em> Hence I want to congratulate my fellow graduates, the UP SLIS Class of 2018! I cannot help but get teary-eyed when Sir Bono posted that we will all get to graduate together. We all have stumbled along the way but we remained steadfast in times of distress and adversities.<br /> <br />But remember that things will only get tougher from here. For the next few weeks, we will be financially broke! And as days pass by, we will have a hard time thinking which path we really wanted to venture. We will also have to face one of our biggest fears as we brave the upcoming LLE. Not to mention that we have to go from institution to institution in search of a job. This also means that class suspension on all levels no longer applies to us. <em>Dapat mas waterproof ka na. </em>And along the way, we will meet people from all walks of life. We will be criticized for our mistakes and shortcomings. But remember that we, <em>Iskolar ng Bayan</em>, shines best under difficult circumstances. With every hardship, there’s an opportunity for us to grow and to blossom into the person we aspire to be in the future. So hold on to those disappointments, rejections, and failures, and use them as your strength.<em> Ipagmalaki mong kinaya mo!</em><br /> <br />However, do not forget to seek help when in need. Remember that you are not in this alone. Just like today, we would not be here celebrating this momentous event if it weren’t for those people who supported us. Hence, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who have paved the way for me to be where I am today.<br /> <br />To our Dean and my pre-thesis adviser, Professor Kathleen Lourdes Obille, thank you! Thank you <em>po</em> for accommodating my inquiries even when I am too shy to knock on your door. Thank you <em>po</em> for your insightful comments, patience and constant guidance.<br /> <br />To our College Secretary, Professor Benedict Olgado, I regret not enrolling in one of your classes. Nonetheless, I have always admired you Sir on how you are able to lift our spirits up in times of despair. Thank you <em>po</em> for your tireless efforts to ensure that we will all march today. Thank you <em>po</em> for your endless support and words of encouragement. We wish you the best of luck in your next endeavors.<br /> <br />To my thesis adviser, Professor Mark Anthony Santos whom I’ve always admired, thank you! I cannot thank you enough Sir for your patience and wisdom. Thank you for accommodating my concerns despite your very busy schedule.  It is my privilege to be one of your advisees. Thank you, Sir! I wish you and Ma’am Yhna a life full of happiness.<br /> <br />To the UP SLIS faculty members, Thank you <em>po </em>for all the lessons you taught us inside and outside the classroom. Whichever path we take, we will always carry with us your teachings. Thank you very much <em>po</em>!<br /> <br />To <em>Ate </em>Oda, thank you very much <em>po</em> for your patience. We also owe this day to you as you have worked hard to make all these happen. Thank you, Ma’am!<br /> <br />To the UP SLIS staff, thank you<em> po</em> for assisting us with our inquiries and requests; may it be about enrolment, room reservations, technical support, and others. Thank you <em>po</em>!<br /> <br />To the UP SLIS Library staff, thank you<em> po</em> for helping us with our information needs especially during those days when we were constructing our own RRLs. Thank you<em> po sa pagkamusta sa amin </em>every time you’ll see us so stressed while borrowing a book over the counter. Thank you <em>po!</em><br /> <br />To UP FLIPP, thank you for making my college life more wonderful. You have been a breather from the exhausting academic workloads. I am happy to have spent my entire college journey with you. I will never forget our ventures particularly our LibSpeak event held in Angeles, Pampanga. Thank you for helping me unfold and develop my potentials. I would also like to thank our advisers, Ma’am Rhea, Ma’am Arlante and Sir Martin for their guidance and support. Thank you very much <em>po</em>!<br /> <br />To UP CRAdLe, thank you for empowering me in voicing out my concerns and stands especially regarding children’s rights and welfare. Always, in all ways, for the kids! Thank you, CRAdLers!<br /> <br />To all our friends, <em>sa mga nanatili o dumaan lang</em>, thank you! Thank you for walking with us along the Academic Oval, listening to our rants, sentiments, and stories. Thank you for keeping us sane during hell weeks and walwal days.<br /> <br />And for those people closest to me, to <em>Tito</em> Louie, thank you <em>po</em> for your unwavering support, and confidence in me. Thank you <em>po</em> for those times you sheltered me just so I could finish my requirements on time. I will always be indebted to you for your generosity and understanding. Thank you<em> po</em>!<br /> <br />To Joc who has been my companion all throughout this journey, thank you! <em>Mula sa unang beses akong maligaw sa UP hanggang sa pagsumite ko ng</em> thesis<em> ay nandyan ka. Maraming salamat sa pagsama sa akin sa pagpupuyat, sa lahat ng pagkabigo at tagumpay.</em> Thank you very much, Joc! I also owe you this day!<br /> <br /><img src="images/articles/2018/quiela03.jpg" alt="" width="400" height="300" align="left" hspace="10" vspace="10" />Indeed, it was a tough journey. It took a lot of sacrifices and toil just to be here today, not only for us, graduates but also for our parents. And today, they have also finished their own degree – Master of Arts in Parenthood. So may I just request everyone to give our parents or families a round of applause. Thank you <em>po</em> for your unconditional love! <em>Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.</em><br /> <br />To my parents who have no idea I’d be speaking today, thank you for coming! It gives me so much happiness to be able to spend an entire week with you.<em> Masaya na akong makasama kayo kaya bonus nang nakapagtapos ako</em> with honors. Thank you, <em>mama and papa! Taus-puso po akong nagpapasalamat para sa lahat ng sakripisiyo niyo makapagtapos lang ako!</em><br /> <br />To our Almighty God, thank You for You are faithful and merciful. You have constantly reminded me that nothing is impossible with You. Thank you, for working in my life, Lord.<br /> <br />Lastly, thank you <em>Unibersidad ng Pilipinas.</em> At times I blame you for feeling inadequate, but only to thank you after for pushing me to my limits. <em>Salamat UP sa pagmulat ng aking mga mata sa masalimuot reyalidad ng buhay. Salamat kasi tinuruan mo akong magpursigi at lumaban!</em><br /> <br />To the UP SLIS Class of 2018, along with this privilege of being an <em>Iskolar ng Bayan</em> is our pivotal role in fighting for those people deprived of this right. We were shaped to serve our nation. We are to uphold honor and excellence. Hence as future information professionals, let us devote our lives to the service of the Filipino people whom we owe our UP education.  Let us put first the interest of the Filipino people, not ours, not of one man.<br /> <br />Tandaan na may pag-asa gaano man kadalim ang daan<br />Maski kontra ang iba, kaibigan o magulang man<br />Lumaban para sa hustisiyang ipinagkait<br />Iahon ang mahirap na silang nagigipit<br />Ipaglaban ang edukasyong hindi matamo ng marami<br />Kumapit hanggang ang isa ay maging kami<br />Lumaban, manindigan!<br />Ganyan tayong mga Iskolar ng Bayan</p>

<p>Muli, magandang hapon po sa lahat!</p>

Published:  2022-03-07 07:47:55