UP Bibliotech: Statement on Gender Equality and Acceptance

<p>Books containing LGBT characters and descriptions of homosexuality are the usual targets of censorship and banning. Recently, the Singapore National Library was criticized of initially planning to destroy copies of two children's books. The criticism prompted the library to move these challenged materials from the Children's to the Adult's section instead. These books are 'And Tango Makes Three,' a true story about two male penguins in a zoo who raised a chick together, and 'The White Swan Express,' which features adoptive parents, including a lesbian couple. A third book, 'Who's In My Family,' which discusses different family structures, same-sex parents included, has already been disposed off from the library's shelves.</p>

<p>As future library and information specialists, we recognize our duty to provide the information needs of our society, that without a doubt including the LGBT community. Banning such literature from libraries is discriminatory, preventing the LGBT community access to such information needs. We promote equality and help stop discrimination by giving them access to these materials while we encourage the society to read more LGBT Literature.These books provide experiences, insights and thoughts from the LGBT; which we can use as a way in helping people understand and emphathize with each other.</p>

<p>Through literature, we open minds, and through open minds we open hearts.</p>

<p>Open Books. Open Minds. Open Hearts.</p>

Published:  2022-03-01 09:04:28