Qualitative Research Methods Seminar

<p style="text-align: center;"><img src="images/articles/2017/qualiresearch.png" alt="" width="500" height="300" /></p>

<p>The UP SLIS will be holding a <strong>one day seminar on Qualitative Research Methods for LIS Teachers</strong> on <em>February 28, 2017 at SLIS Rooms 3-4</em>. The seminar aims to provide in-depth knowledge for LIS Faculty on qualitative methods both for their respective research endeavors and also to enhance their teaching of Research Methods. The seminar will be conducted by <em><strong>Prof. Diljit Singh</strong></em>, a renowned LIS Faculty in Asia and is currently a visiting professor for UP SLIS. He is a retired faculty member from the <em><strong>University of Malaya</strong></em> with current affiliation as Adjunct Faculty of <em><strong>University of Colombo in Sri Lanka</strong></em>. This invitation is extended to all teachers of LIS who are given the responsibility of teaching research methods.</p>

<p>Registration fee for the one day event is PhP300.00 to cover lunch and snacks. Please register via <a href="https://goo.gl/forms/HJTSV9Sm5Fu9uxU13" target="_blank">https://goo.gl/forms/HJTSV9Sm5Fu9uxU13</a> For inquiries, you may email igor@slis.upd.edu.ph or kate@slis.upd.edu.ph or call 02-9818500 loc 2869-2871</p>

Published:  2022-03-07 07:12:20