A Round-Up of LibSpeak 2016

The UP Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines (UP FLIPP) hosted LibSpeak 2016 with the theme "Redefining LIS" at the Main Library lobby, Gonzalez Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman. On its tenth year of hosting the event, UP FLIPP wished to deliver a clearer, better, and more holistic perspective of the field of library and information science to the participants.

LibSpeak 2016 kicked off with an invocation led by the Masters of Ceremonies, Ms. Andrea Denise Gapan and Mr. Christian Racines. It was followed by the singing of the National Anthem. UP FLIPP's co-adviser Mr. Martin Julius V. Perez welcomed the attendees to the event, while Prof. Kathleen B. Obille, Dean of UP School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) delivered the keynote address.

The UP FLIPP, with the assistance of the UP Main Library, also conducted a library tour as part of the experience of attending the event. This privilege was met with enthusiasm and excitement by the students. Additionally, the organization used this time to facilitate the elimination round for Junior LIS Wizard, while the 27 participants of the On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest were given two hours to create their piece that portrays the given theme: Librarians in Everyday Life. The participants in each contest, as well as the 12 students who participated in the Photography Contest themed: Librarians in Information Literacy, showed their full potential and carried their school spirit in carrying out their tasks. The participants carried the full support of their respective schools as their mentors looked upon them.

The organization also introduced a new facet of LibSpeak, in partnership with the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc.'s National Capital Region Librarians Council (PLAI-NCRLC), entitled New Professionals Series. It was a seminar and unconference which aims to be an avenue for new LIS professionals in the country to discuss their interests, their role in the advancing the library and information profession, including the issues and challenges they face as new professionals. This event took place in the morning on the ILS Rooms 3 & 4, 3rd floor of UP Main Library, Gonzalez Hall.

The afternoon event was led by Prof. Chito Angeles, the University Librarian, by delivering an inspirational message to the students and other attendees about the profession as well as the talks that the message preceded. This marked the start of the second part of LibSpeak 2016 consisted of the lectures and talks, as well as the final round of Junior LIS Wizard and the most awaited announcement of winners.

Prof. Pia Charmaine Cornago, Senior Lecturer I at UP School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), discussed the opportunities that is open for the graduates of the degree course Bachelor in Library and Information Science (B LIS). In describing the types of work and responsibilities librarians have, Prof. Cornago introduced to the students the ideas that explain librarianship. She ended with the very thoughtful statement, “Remember why you're doing what youâ're doing.

Mr. Alistair Troy Lacsamana, otherwise known as "Heneral Basa," is a Librarian at Quezon City Public Library who delivered the account on what a library is and what services it offers. With stories of his own in his adventures as Heneral Basa, Mr. Lacsamana recounted the ways in which the library and librarians could service the people, at the same time, encourage and attract the community in using and approaching the library.

Given that social networking is a big part of people's lives in this day and age, Mr. Elijah John Dar Juan, College Librarian II at the University Library, opened the discussion on LIS professionals in Interactive Social Networking. His discussion was composed of the current services that were carried across Interactive Social Networking, and how librarians accomplish the services in this way. Time and geographic considerations are part of the reasons that Interactive Social Networking is beneficial to librarians and their clients.

At the end of each talk, the attendees were given opportunities to ask questions concerning the topic discussed which the lecturer would then try to adequately answer. In recognition of their invaluable inputs, UP FLIPP had given tokens of appreciation to the respective lecturers.

The event then proceeded to the Final round of Junior LIS Wizard consisted of 10 competing teams with each team competitively vying for the first place by answering the Easy, Medium and Hard rounds of the competition. The audience can be seen paying keen attention to their respective school representatives, as well as to the questions that were asked by the facilitators. After the final round, the organizers tallied the scores and selected the top three in the competition as winners.

The awarding ceremony was met with anticipation and excitement from the students and teachers who were sincerely hoping that their school representatives will receive the awards.

<p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:justify">The Executive Committee, led by its President, Ms. Leanna Marie Gonzales, were the ones who delivered the honor to the respective winners of each contest. The winners of each contest were as follows:</p>

Photography Contest: 1st Place: Daryll Joshua Jaromahum (Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation); 2nd Place: Tania Czarina Jill V. Cristobal (Early Christian College of Arts and Technology; 3rd Place: Kyle Justine C. Carino (Rizal High School)

On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest:1st Place: Mythor John C. Zaragosa (Tinajeros NationalHigh School); 2nd Place: Hazel C. Garcia (Navotas National High School); 3rd Place: Jill Chloe E. Tolentino (Grace Christian College)

Junior LIS Wizard: 1st Place: Stefanie Claire Fernandez and Masayuki Flores (Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School); 2nd Place: Russel Jan Damaso and Mera Glen Zapico (Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School);3rd Place: Eduardo L. Hernandez Jr. and Christian C. Vaflor (Tinajeros National High School)

Each announcement was met with great applause and much cheering especially in the part of the school the winner belongs to. The event ended with the delivery of the closing remarks by the Vice- President of External Affairs, Ms. Quiella A. Landicho.

Group photo shots were also taken on the library steps with the organizers and all the attendees. The number of attendees, the responses of the students and teachers marked the success of LibSpeak 2016.

LibSpeak 2016: Redefining LIS was successful through the help of the sponsors: Calbee, Presto, Salinlahi Publishing House Inc., Emerald, C&amp;E Publishing Inc., and Visprint Inc., together with our media partners: ClickTheCity.com, Astig.ph, 1602 DZUP and other organizations, namely: UP Lakan, UP Iris, Lib.Com and Society of Technology and Library Science Educators, with special thanks to Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. - National Capital Region Librarians Council (PLAI-NCRLC) and UP Main Library.

This year's success inspired and motivated the organization to hope for and develop another successful LibSpeak event next year. UP FLIPP thanks all those who participated and shared their time with the organization. To all the speakers, judges, organization partners, sponsors, SLIS faculty and staff, UP FLIPP advisers and alumni and all members of the organization, thank you for all the help and efforts to make LibSpeak 2016: Redefining LIS possible.

Published:  2022-03-07 06:42:17