Journal of Philippine Librarianship Cover

The Journal of Philippine Librarianship (JPL) is the first refereed journal in Philippine Librarianship in the country, it features scholarly articles in the field of Library and Information Science. Since its inception in 1968, JPL continues to uphold its mission to feature quality intellectual works of the members of the information profession. In this year’s 35th volume, four articles feature innovative approaches to library evaluation, LIS and archives education, bibliometrics, and inventory of library materials

The paper of Obal, An Economic Valuation of Marikina City Library using Revealed Preference Methods, estimates the Total Economic Value of the Marikina City Library, providing a picture of the worth of the said public library to the City of Marikina and its residents.

Buenrostro’s Rethinking LIS and Archival Education and Practice in the Philippines: Taking on Social Memory as a Paradigm discusses the concept of social memory as a paradigm for the library and information science and archival education and practice in the Philippines.

Balaquit and Bugnosen’s paper, entitled A Bibliometric Analysis of Undergraduate Theses from the School of Library and Information Studies from 2010-2014: An Exploratory Study, utilizes bibliometrics to perform qualitative research on the citations used in the undergraduate theses of the University of the Philippines School of Library and Information Studies from the years 2010 to 2014.

Finally, Miclat, in MISA: An Open Source Mobile Inventory System for Android, presents the development and utilization of MISA to facilitate the process of inventory taking in the University of the Philippines School of Economics Library.

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